Our custom configured systems are designed with comfort in mind and are optimized to function well with individuals who may have physical and/or cognitive impairments. Whether in the clinical setting or at the user’s home, the versatility of our equipment and the unique nature of our 1-to-1 approach, makes VIRTU-WELL an ideal addition to any therapeutic action plan.

There are a few important factors that contribute to a highly immersive experience:

Custom-built PCs

We only use computers that are custom built to our specs. In order for the high-end systems we use to function flawlessly, the computers they run on must adhere to very specific requirements. Our PCs are built from the ground up with high-end graphics cards, extended GPU processing capabilities, and are designed to handle intensive Virtual Reality.  


After extensive trials and demonstrations with all major consumer HMDs, or Head Mounted Displays, we decided that the HTC Vive is currently the most suitable piece of equipment for our goals. The HTC Vive is an advanced computer-based VR system capable of providing a level of immersion that is just not possible with any other system we have used.

By strictly using VR systems that rely on high-end gaming PCs, we are able to attain a level of control not otherwise possible. Systems like the Vive are capable of powering highly active experiences that utilize room-scale tracking, as well as passive experiences that require no effort on the part of the user.

We choose to use this system due to its quality, versatility, and functionality.

Portable Housing

Our mobile housing is designed to be discreet, portable, and function in both the clinical and non-clinical healthcare settings. There are no requirements for setup beyond access to a standard wall outlet and a small empty space. They contain our specially built PCs, VR-equipment, as well as mounted sensors and retractable headset arm to reduce weight

Additional Features

In order to provide the highest quality experience, we use noise-cancelling headphones and communicate with users through microphones linked to our computers. This enables us to maintain contact with the user, without breaking immersion. For group sessions, our tri-display format enables us to project a mirror image of what is being experienced by the user on any television screen or monitor. By allowing the group to see what is being experienced by the primary user, we promote a group experience that limits isolation, drives conversation, and stimulates interest.