Family Feedback on Virtu-Well Reality Programs

FAQ: I have a family member who is battling dementia and is currently bed-bound. Will using Virtu-Well help to improve their quality of life? We receive this question often at Virtu-Well. Many research studies have concluded that Virtual Reality has many benefits similar to other recreational therapies. This includes reduced anxiety and depression along with Read More

Check Off Your Bucket List in Safety with VIRTU-WELL

In your twilight years, you may have thought that your adventuring days are over. With the latest technologies, these days we can have new, exciting experiences without ever leaving the comforts of home. But how? What magic technology can let you say, go skydiving in your living room? Virtual reality. It’s not a science fiction Read More

Swearing: The Unexpected Side Effect of VR

First-time Virtual Reality users have a tendency to let colorful language slip out. Considering how unique the VR experience is, such language is expected. It’s normal for VR users to have an increased sense of curiosity or even apologize quietly as they feel their way around a new environment. Some users, however, throw caution to Read More

The History of VR

The Merriam-Webster definition of virtual reality is an artificial environment experienced through sensory stimuli. When we think of virtual reality now, our first thought goes to a funny looking headset and people sticking their hands out and feeling around as if they can really touch something in front of them. However, the history of VR Read More

What is VR?

While you may think VR and “virtual reality” as science fiction terms, modern computers and high definition screens have made immersive experiences not only possible but fun! We now have a variety of equipment types that can take you from this reality into a new world, an exciting simulated environment.   What is VR, though? Read More