Family Feedback on Virtu-Well Reality Programs

FAQ: I have a family member who is battling dementia and is currently bed-bound. Will using Virtu-Well help to improve their quality of life?

We receive this question often at Virtu-Well. Many research studies have concluded that Virtual Reality has many benefits similar to other recreational therapies. This includes reduced anxiety and depression along with pain alleviation. Recreational therapies have also been shown to improve an individual’s quality of life. 

However, we understand that your loved one isn’t just a statistic. That’s why we use a person-centered approach to ensure that our VR experience isn’t one size fits all. We work with our users to determine which VR experience is best for them, be it music therapy, a trip to their childhood home, or a visit with their favorite animal. 


At Virtu-Well, there is no one-size fits all solution. We want every single one of our users to be filled with life and enthusiasm. 

In order to test the success of therapeutic virtual reality, our eldercare professionals decided to reach out to their residents’ family members to discuss their VR experience. 

Here’s a few of our favorite responses….

“I had a family member ask me, ‘If I have a cold, can I come here to recover? It looks like they’re having so much fun here,’” – Recreation Staff, Glengariff Healthcare Center

“Family members are just amazed at what they see… And what’s really unique about this program is that whatever the resident is watching, everyone else can see it on the larger TV. So everyone in the room gets to experience something,”  – Recreation Staff, Lynbrook Restorative Therapy & Nursing Center

“So we have had a lot of feedback during our family council meetings. They have brought it up to administration about how they bring their family members to the programs on different floors. And that they love it, And they actually experience it themselves and look to have it in their own lives and have looked into having programs in their own home because they’ve seen how happy it has made their grandparents.” –  Recreation Staff, Parker Jewish Institute.

“Family members get excited especially when their parent is usually crowded or to themselves. And then you put on the virtual reality helmet and it’s like, wow that’s my mom that’s my dad that I knew from years ago. It just brings back their personality,” -Recreation Staff, Lynbrook Restorative Therapy & Nursing.

“The family members? They are so jealous! They see how much the family members are enjoying this program. They feel very amazed by the reaction of the patient, the resident,” -Recreation Staff, Glengariff Healthcare Center. 

When a family member is bed-bound, we are able to use virtual reality to not only provide a fun afternoon, but to alleviate some suffering by improving their psychological well-being. This is the ultimate goal of Recreational Therapy. 

Interested in seeing the effect virtual reality has on your loved one?

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