Swearing: The Unexpected Side Effect of VR

First-time Virtual Reality users have a tendency to let colorful language slip out. Considering how unique the VR experience is, such language is expected. It’s normal for VR users to have an increased sense of curiosity or even apologize quietly as they feel their way around a new environment. Some users, however, throw caution to the wind and say things that would make a sailor blush! This is especially amusing with elderly patients using VR for the first time.

Though it may seem embarrassing while it’s happening, there are some proven psychological benefits of swearing that may surprise you!

How Cursing is Good For Your Health

While many people disapprove of this sort of language, swearing has many psychological benefits.  Sometimes just a “wow” won’t cut it!  Let’s look at some of the surprising benefits of just letting some swear words go.

  • Cursing makes you feel less pain,
     Swearing activates your natural “fight or flight” response, which in turn makes your adrenaline surge. Adrenaline can dull pain, so you’re ready to flee or battle for your life.
  • Gives you a sense of control, 
    When you let out that burst of angry words, you actually boost your sense of confidence and happiness. Swearing makes us feel like we’re empowered, which improves confidence.
  • Administers the medicine of laughter,
     They say it’s the best medicine, and humor has been proven to reduce stress. When your body is under stress, it can’t respond to any other health conditions as efficiently.
  • Improves your self-expression,
    When you can express your emotions, you also boost your self-esteem. Showing that something is important to you is a vital part of a healthy self-image, and using curse words strengthens our psyche.
  • Provides social interaction,
    Any language is meant to bond humans together, but strong language bonds us even more tightly while also letting us share a laugh. Letting a bad word fly makes everybody laugh, which can only be good for you!
  • And simply lets you have fun!
    The power of happiness isn’t to be underestimated. When you express your emotions and just have a good time, you release endorphins and improve quality of life.

One of the newest recreational therapies that can give patients all these psychological benefits is virtual reality. With 360 degree video, realistic high-quality audio, and the latest motion capture technology, virtual reality experiences can be great stress relievers.


Virtual Reality: a unique experience that’s good for your brain

One of the great things about VR is that it’s an emerging technology and a brand new experience for many people. This sense of the unfamiliar can be wonderful at reducing stress and improving cognitive function, but it’s the novel (the scientific word for new or never before experienced) experience of VR that creates many of its beneficial psychological effects. Of course, that sense of wonder can also lower our inhibitions and lead to some colorful language.

When your brain encounters new sensations, it works extra hard to process them. This increased activity improves cognitive function over time by strengthening neural pathways. Basically, working out your brain makes it stronger and healthier, just like working out your muscles improves your physical health. This increased activity can also make our emotions spike and cause us to slip up with one of those taboo words, but that’s okay because we’re still giving our brain a workout.

Virtual reality experiences have been proven to reduce stress, which can worsen any health conditions. When you relieve stress,  you allow your body to heal. This can be vital help for individuals with chronic conditions or older people. While entertaining the person and stimulating the brain, virtual reality also distracts the patient from whatever situation is causing anxiety and stress.